How to Motivate Your Clients as Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer, many of us expect a highly motivated, machine-like individual. We imagine that this person live, sleeps, eats and breathes fitness. To a certain extent, this has to be true to ensure a successful career as a personal trainer. Life however, presents many issues for us to overcome on a daily basis. This can sometimes cause us to lose focus. In other cases, maybe you want to convert your own love for training to your clients and are not quite sure how to do it. Either way, here are some useful tips on how you can best motivate your protégés’.

Lead by Example

This should go without saying, but many of us take it for granted. In all walks of life, to encourage others, you sometimes need to lead the way. This is especially true in the field of personal training. If you are slouched around, in bad physical shape and unmotivated, people will not be encouraged to train. Your business will simply suffer. You need to be that shining light, leading the way and inspiring clients to follow in your footsteps, even If this isn’t always how you feel.

Sell Yourself Well

A big area where personal trainers fail is in the marketing department. For many, this may be understandably an area which lacks strength. Sometimes, you may wonder why people do not simply share your undying passion for exercise or why that is not converting into numbers on the bottom line.

Promoting yourself well is one of the key elements. You can employ a number of strategies to do so. These can range from offering free trial sessions enticing customers to join or full-blown marketing campaigns on social media or using more traditional methods such as flyer drops

Think Outside the Box


Coming up with new ways to train is always fantastic for encouraging your clients, be in changing exercise patterns, implementing new technologies or simply taking the workout, outdoors for a change. People are encouraged and motivated by new things. This can apply to areas other than actual physical training too. Why not offer your clients an interactive booking solution to reserve their training times. This can not only improve efficiency greatly, but also increase you client’s motivation. By seeing their session times on screen or in application, they can feel some increased control, flexibility and desire to work out.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that increasing motivation and achieving peak performance from you clients begins in the gym. It is also clear however, that this does not end in the gym. Instead, by increasing connectivity, improving marketing methods and implementing technology, you can both improve your business model and increase motivation.

Moving forward it is becoming ever more instrumental in the fitness industry to become effective in all of these areas if you wish to stay ahead of your rivals. Just as your clients must challenge themselves to achieve their physical goals, you must also challenge your own business boundaries.

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