Tips for Marketing Your Personal Training Business


Just by starting your business as a Personal Trainer, you have already set yourself apart as a dedicated and hard-working individual. To reach your physical peak takes patience, endurance and an everlasting determination to succeed. The business aspect is no different. You will have to engage all of your positive mental attributes from the gym to achieve success. The lifeblood of your business are your clients, therefore, your first challenge will be marketing your business. Here are some of the most effective ways you can get off to a great start.

Be the Change you Demand

This point is quite simple. The best marketing from the beginning is your own physical condition. The reason is simple. People want to train with and take advice from somebody who is in prime physical condition and looks good. This gives them something to aspire to and helps you to gain their respect as somebody who has been in their position. This can be your first marketing tool. People are certain to spread the word quickly about their new personal trainer who also looks the business.

Engage With Your Social Media


There is no more important marketing tool these days than your own social media pages. Don’t be shy, spread the word around your networks and start a business page to promote yourself. Develop a good design that catches the eye and be responsive to your followers. Hopefully your organic reach will be extensive, but, you may also want to consider some form of paid promotion for your new business page to help get the word out. People like popular things, they want to be part of something that is perceived to be successful.

Build a List of Subscribers

Building a subscribers list is key to the future success of your personal training business. This allows you to have an audience to engage with on a regular basis and a target for email marketing campaigns and other promotions. This audience will also be greatly valuable in future if you ever decided to sell on your business.

Offer Sign-Up Incentives


Nothing is better at encouraging business and new clients for your personal training business than offering a promotional introductory rate or bulk purchase discount. This will help to accomplish one of the biggest initial hurdles in any business. Establishing a client base. Once you do this, you should have enough expertize and be producing enough clear results that you can not only retain your base clients but also expand.


Final Thoughts

Like any new business, personal training is going to have its difficulties, especially in the beginning, but if you follow the correct basic marketing steps and also keep yourself in excellent shape, there is no reason why you can attract a huge number of clients. As with training yourself, if you believe, work hard and implement some basic marketing strategies, you will succeed.

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