Tips for Starting a Successful Tour Company


Starting a tour company, like any business, represents a huge undertaking. It has the potential though, more than most, to help you achieve multiple dreams. By combining a love for travel with entrepreneurial spirit, you can build a tour company which not only delights the needs of your travel hungry customers, but also serves your business goals in tandem. Here are a few tips for establishing a tour company that your guests will never forget in the best possible way.

Tours to Suit all Needs

While it may be tempting to stick to one demographic with your company, you should keep an open and diverse mindset. Although over 50s were responsible for a big amount of spending in the tourism market during 2016, there is an equally open market of young travelers seeking exciting, unique tours. It is important not to pigeon-hole your business early on.

Dispel any myths

Many people, especially young travelers these days, think that only old people use the services of a tour company. Young and old alike may also view tours and package trips as rigid excursions where you are confined to strict time schedules and possibly stuck with many unlikeable strangers. It is your job to dispel these myths. You can offer flexible schedules and a multitude of options when it comes to tours and packages to ensure you do not try to fit all of your guests in a one size fits all scenario.

Build a Relationship with your Guests


This goes without saying but can often be forgotten. Of course, high quality service and meeting the demands of your guests is a top priority. Equally as important though is creating an atmosphere in which guests want to return and feel at home. Using the example of high end cruise companies as an example (they often suffer from similar misconceptions regarding rigidity and scheduling) XX percent of guests said they would return to a cruise with SeaDream (they employ a strategy highly focused on building one to one relations). Ultimately, building a personal relationship, helps to build customer loyalty. This in turn means happy and returning guests.

Offer Various Prices

Some may frown upon offering a variety of prices for the same tours, however, it can be an excellent way to ensure full tours and also increase cash flow throughout your business. Offer early-bird prices and discounts. This will not only ensure all of your tours take place but also that your trips will be talked about. Other incentives such as discounts for sharing via social media are also fantastic.


Explore Dream, Discover


With a tour company business, the world is yours to discover. Embrace it while ensuring to take on the key points in our basic guide. If you establish good relationships with your guests and vendors, you are already winning most of the battle. Avoid taking any wrong turns on your journey from the outset by review our points. The world is your oyster.

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